Who am I? I go by Brad, Thumper and in the past DJ Thumper. In 2006 I took the stage name EarVelvet to differentiate from the many others out there using the name Thumper and even other DJ's calling themselves DJ Thumper.

Why EarVelvet? The name represents a two possible meanings, referring both to 'something pleasing to the ear' and to the soft fur of a rabbit's ear. It is meant as a subtle throwback to my previous DJ Thumper title. Perhaps one of these will make it into the urban dictionary some day :)

What do I do? Back in the 90's I was a Pop/Top 40/Dance DJ for parties at fraternities and sororities as well as High school dances, weddings, etc... Between doing a few dozen live gigs each year and some time as an on-air DJ for public access doing Classic Rock & random other shows I kept pretty busy with music interests. Today I do only a few live events per year, mostly private events and house parties.

How do you do? I used to do it by CD in the 90's. After many years off and several moves I ended up ditching all my gear. When I got back into things in the early 2000's I realized it was time to go digital. Today I do it with Traktor and various midi controller devices. The software is cheaper than the gear, far more portable, and has new opportunities for creativity hiding behind every button.

Where are the originals? I did produce a number of original remixes and such back in the 90's, but being all analog back then I lost track of the media in transit moving a few times. I can only assume all that is lost forever. I do want to produce some new stuff if I get the time and skill up on some software to help me do so. Gone are the days of ready access to the analog multi-track recording studio, but the potential for what can be done digitally now excites me. When I make something new, you'll find it here.